The Top 0 Scuba Diving Tours in Grand Cayman

Scuba diving on Grand Cayman is world class. With an impressive 300 dive sites to choose from, there are over 200 diving spots on Grand Cayman alone. There typically clear, gorgeous waters filled with a wide variety of sea life. Be sure to make the most of these near-perfect conditions on your next visit!

Most people agree that the best diving Cayman Islands has to offer - or at least the most unique - is found at Stingray City. Majestic stingrays are found in huge numbers at this location, and for this reason, many scuba diving excursions and snorkeling trips focus on Stingray City.

Depending on your experience level and preferred type of scuba diving you can choose from a huge variety of diving sites. These include stunning reefs like Cheeseburger Reef or impressive walls like Wilderness Wall or Grand Cayman’s North Wall, which extends down to depths of 6,000 ft! Novice divers can enjoy almost current-free diving straight from the shore, while more experienced divers can explore further afield, taking in some awesome wreck dives, such as the USS Kittiwake, which is one of the best in the Caribbean.

If you've got friends that want to stay closer to the surface the Cayman Islands offer many great snorkeling options as well.

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