The Top 5 Adventure Tours in Grand Cayman

If sunning on the beach sounds a bit sedate, then perhaps a selection of Grand Cayman adventure tours would be more up your alley? From jet skis to cave exploration, there are so many fun activities to choose on this beautiful Caribbean island.

A favorite among the many adventure excursions is the Seven Mile Beach Waverunner Experience. On this trip, you’ll hurtle along the turquoise ocean waves at full speed on a state-of-the-art jet ski, hearing the roar of the engine as the sun highlights the stunning views along the shoreline.

Deep in the jungle, Grand Cayman also has its own underground cave system, where over thousands of years, an intricate system of stalactites and stalagmites has developed. You can hike through the wild landscape and head down into the dark, cool caves, exploring a place that was created entirely by nature.

Or let's see if we can float your boat with one of the world's best glass bottom boats that allow you to glimpse Grand Cayman’s underwater world. Or you can even take your whole family or group of friends on an adventure by chartering your own yacht to Stingray City and beyond for the day.

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